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Furniture Suppliers in Spain (Muebles)

We are in the process of compiling a directory of businesses for those who have bought a property in Spain as a home or as an investment, which will include local companies for furniture & furnishings.

For those of you still living in the UK, whose time in Spain is precious, you can choose your furniture in the UK at very competitive prices and leave villapac to deliver and install your furniture and furnishings in Spain, before you arrive.

Save time, money and hassle!

Recommended Supplier

Furniture Packs for your Spanish Home

We recommend villapac due to their quality furniture, reasonable pricing, you can pick and choose a package (they are not fixed), excellent customer service, supply to all areas of Spain and Portugal and best of all... They have 2 showrooms in the UK! One in Bolton and the other in Milton Keynes
No more hunting around furniture shops in your precious holiday time in Spain. villapac gives you the option of choosing the furniture for your Spanish property on a rainy Saturday back home, or any day of the week. Choose it in UK and leave it up to them to kit your property out so that it's all ready for when you next arrive in Spain.
villapac also has showrooms in Fuengirola, Spain and Vilamoura, Portugal.

Internet Shopping

Please also take the opportunity to visit our Internet Shopping area. This is an ideal way of buying presents for family and friends back home and many of the retailers offer free delivery.

We have highlighted those retailers who offer delivery to Spain, although I am sure most of you will not be short of visitors from back home, who can bring your purchases over.