Spain Health Cover


The following information gives a brief outline of how, as a British Citizen, you can obtain Spanish state healthcare.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for temporary visitors

If you are a UK resident, you are entitled to medical treatment that becomes necessary, at reduced cost or sometimes free, when temporarily visiting a European Union (EU) country, including Spain

Only treatment provided under the state scheme is covered. However, to obtain treatment you will need to take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you.

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Applying For A Card

You can apply for an EHIC, free of charge, on this website by clicking on the 'Apply Now' link below. Alternatively, you can apply:
by calling 0845 606 2030;
by picking up an application form from the Post Office.

In order to apply ensure you have the NHS or National Insurance Number, Surname/Family Name, Forenames and Date of Birth of each applicant.

Apply Now for your EHIC or to renew your expired card.

If your card is stolen or lost please contact our Enquiries Line on 0845 605 0707 or if calling from abroad +44 191 203 5555.

E121 for Ex-pats receiving a UK State Pension or Long Term Incapacity Benefit.

If you get a UK State Pension or Long Term Incapacity Benefit and you decide to move to Spain permanently, ask for your E121 from the International Pension Centre (IPC) in Newcastle.

Once registered with the Spanish authorities, the E121 gives you and your dependants the same medical cover in Spain as a Spanish national under the Spanish state-run health scheme. This cover may not be the same as you received on the NHS in the UK so you may have to pay for some treatments or services.

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E106 for posted workers and early retirees living in Spain.

This is how you obtain Spanish state healthcare if you are a posted worker or an early retiree living in Spain.

In most cases, an E106 is issued to people who are posted to Spain to work for a period of 2 or more years, and who carry on paying National Insurance contributions in the UK. In this case the E106 is issued by:

HM Revenue and Customs CAR - Residency
Room BP1301. Benton Park View
Newcastle upon Tyne NE98 1ZZ, UK
Tel: 0845 915 4811
From outside the UK: +44 191 203 7010

Early retirees in Spain who have worked in the UK prior to their move may be entitled to an E106 for a limited period. In this instance the E106 is issued by:

DWP International Pension Centre
Room TC001. Tyneview Park. Whitley Road
Newcastle upon Tyne NE98 1BA, UK
Tel: +44 191 218 1999

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