Loans for Spanish property owners

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Secured and unsecured loans available, whatever your circumstances, at competitive rates

Debt Consolidation, Home Improvement, Car Purchase, Family Holiday, Wedding or just a loan to see you through till next pay day - check out the deals available below!

Freedom Finance España

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If your house is worth more than 150,000 euros and your mortgage is for more than 3 years... then Freedom Finance can help.

Loans for UK residents

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Alliance & Leicester

Central Capital

Central Capital Loans is the largest loan broker in the U.K. and offers loan plans from £15,000 to £250,000 to homeowners only.



Payday UK offers customers loans of between £80-£750 over a typical period of twenty days - from the date of application to their payday.

As the market leader in the Payday Loan sector we are the only company who offer an instant online decision, without customers having to fax in any documents.

Provident Financial

Provident Personal Credit offers small cash loans, shopping vouchers and other credit-related products.

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Yes Loans

Yes Loans arranges unsecured loans for both homeowners and tenants, whatever their credit history.
We even arrange loans for students and people living with their parents.
We specialise in helping those that have been refused by high street lenders and those suffering with credit difficulties such as CCJs, defaults or mortgage arrears.