Motorists in Spain

Recommended reading for all English speaking motorists in Spain.

Whether you are a motorist visiting Spain on holiday or you are planning to live in Spain, essential reading is 'Motoring in Spain' by Brian J Deller.

Brian Deller is Motoring Correspondent for popular newspapers on Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol and has regular radio spots on local radio.

The book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about owning and driving a car in Spain. The second edition of 216 pages, was published in September 2005 and contains 50% more information than the very successful first edition. It is A5 size, designed to fit in a car glove box, and makes a perfect gift for every English speaking driver.

The book can be purchased from Amazon via the link on the right of this screen

As the laws or conditions in Spain change, updates to the book are provided at

Motoring in Spain updates

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Speed Cameras in Spain

In the interests of Road Safety we urge you to comply with the speed limits, whilst traveling in Spain.

The following link gives information on the situation of speed cameras installed in Spain:

Speed Camera Locations