Spain's Postal Services

Postal Services in Spain.


Correos (Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos) is the national postal service of Spain, as recognized by the International Postal Union.

With 63,000 employees and 5.4 billion pieces of mail sent each year, Correos is one of the largest postal services in the world. Based in Madrid, it has over 10,000 postal centres all over Spain and 12,800 vehicles for the transport and distribution of deliveries with different load capacities, from motorbikes to 24 tonne lorries, which cover more than 340,000Km every day.

Services include the basic postage services, money order and banking services. Postage stamps can be bought at you local Correos or at authorized outlets (estancos) including Tabac stores. There are postal lists in each post office where people can register to receive all kinds of correspondence including money orders which can be forwarded to hotels, inns or any addresses.

Full details of the services offered and postage charges can be found on the Correos website, click on the link below to go direct to the english language homepage.

Correos Postal Services

Receiving Mail

The postal service in Spain is generally very efficient in established areas, but there can be delays and difficulties in receiving post in the fast developing coastal areas, where ex-pats are settling in large numbers.

There are a number of companies offering local Mail Box facilities for approximately 100€ to 150€ per year, which can save a lot of problems, particularly if you are not a permanent resident.

Your mail is collected on your behalf daily from Correos and placed in your mailbox. Large packages and parcels are also not a problem as they will be stored awaiting your collection.

Sending International Mail

It is inexpensive to send standard letters and cards overseas and generally the service is quite quick, but the postal charges rise quite dramatically for packets and parcels.

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You will find many of the Mail Rooms in Spain offer a delivery service to the UK, Oftex is probably the best known courier firm. The courier collects the envelopes and packages from the Agent and ships them to the UK in bulk, where they are then put into the Uk postal systyem and delivered by Royal Mail. This service is often less expensive than the Correos postal service and usually faster and more reliable.

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Parcel Deliveries

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Parcel Delivery and Courier Services

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