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Non - Residents

The Spanish tax system for non-residents can be very complex and is very much based on self assessment, and therefore it was felt that there was an opportunity to provide a UK based service to advise, manage and administer the tax requirements of UK property owners.

Tax systems in the UK are often difficult to understand and adhere to, but when you are faced with taxes in a foreign country the issues can sometimes appear daunting.

For example, in a Barclays' report in 2005, which surveyed people who were intending to buy an overseas property, the following issues were highlighted:
* 8% feared being overcharged for the property
* 14% feared the language problems
* 17% feared for the security of a property
* 58% feared the local legal and tax issues!

Numerological has been established to provide a Spanish tax service for those UK residents who own a property, or properties, in Spain, and to help them fulfill their various Spanish tax obligations.

It is specifically aimed at non-residents and their respective tax liabilities, and does not cover the tax obligations for Spanish residents, or UK people with Spanish residency.

If you would like a Free Spanish Tax Guide and to receive details of how Numerological can help you meet your Spanish Tax obligations, just click on the link below:

Numerological Spanish Taxation Services

The Numerlogical service is designed for those non-residents that have bought a Spanish property, and focuses on those taxes that become applicable after you have been through the buying process.

Numerological has a packaged service which ensures that:

* You are informed as to your Spanish tax obligations.
* All potential tax liabilities are minimised, wherever possible, based on your specific circumstances.
* All annual tax obligations are met on time.
* All communication with the Spanish Tax Office is met on your behalf.
* You are continually updated with regard to changes in the Spanish tax system.
* You always have someone, informed about your situation, to talk to about any changes or plans for your Spanish property.

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We are in the process of compiling a comprehensive directory of businesses for those who have bought a property in Spain.

This will include Law Firms (Abogados), based in Spain, which can provide Fiscal Representation for clients who have moved to Spain and are regarded as "fiscal residents" i.e. they reside in Spain and pay taxes in Spain.

We would welcome enquiries from firms offering these services.